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Welcome to the Shop by Stone, my unique gems and stones website where I will examine every gemstone in depth. I also offer links to various jewelers that sell these gemstones.

About Your Host

My name is Emma Forsberg and I operate my own web and graphic design business, Moonlighter Media in my spare time. I've always been a rockhound and am excited to learn more about all the different types of gems and stones from around the world - (and eventually outer space as well!) Did you know that rocks from the moon are actually feldspars like we have here on earth?

About This Website

These are organized in a quasi-geeky way. You may think of rubies and sapphires as two distinct gems, but they are, in fact, the same type of stone, just different colors. You may feel confused when you first look, but may come to find how rare and wonderful some of these gemstones really are!.

See the Gems by Stone Name page for the full alphabetical list of gemstone types in an organized list. For other ways to browse, follow the birthstones, classical birthstones, anniversaries, or Zodiac signs pages.

Come by often, as I find new gemstone accessories, I will be adding new pages!

Latest Update: 5-012-19
Updated page introduction and added contact information
Added official state gemstone inserts into gem pages
Expanded the Amethyst page to 5 pages
Added combined Beryl, Feldspar, and Corundrum pages
Updated Jade page
Added What is a Cocktail Ring page
Shop by Zodiac Sign page added for adding a Zodiac symbol piece to match your Zodiac gemstone pieces!
What are Druzy Crystals?

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