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Meet Your Host

My name is Emma Forsberg and I work full time in print production and moonlight as a web and graphic designer and artist. My company is called Moonlighter Media and I enjoy sharing my projects on social media. You can find links to my various online profiles on my contact page.

About This Website

I have organized this website to serve as a way to get to know all the gemstones separated by their scientific classes. It may now be exact as a geology or minerology textbook, but I will continue to improve this sites architecture and organization as I gain more knowledge.

Every gemstone has a page or pages, depending on how much material I gain in my search for information and interesting materials I share with you regarding the nature of each stone. I will be continually expanding each section to give the readers as in depth information as I can and I welcome any insights and information you may want to add to the mix.

Updates will be noted on the homepage as they are added.

See the Gems by Stone Name page for the full alphabetical list of gemstone types in an organized list. For other ways to browse, follow the birthstones, classical birthstones, anniversaries, or Zodiac signs pages.