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Coral Jewelry & Accessories

Coral is an organic gemstone made of coral polyp skeletons found in the ocean. While most coral material is white, it comes in many shades of pink and red as well.

Red Coral Bangle Bracelet
Red Coral Teardrop Earrings

Hawaii State flag
A Black Coral called Ekaha ku Moana is the official state gemstone for Hawaii.

West Virginia State flag
Silicified Mississippian Fossil Coral is the official state gemstone of West Virginia. It is fossilized form of Lithostrotionella.

Red Coral Sunray Necklace
Leather Red Coral Coil Bracelet
Sterling Silver Coral Button Earrings
Red Coral 17 Beaded Necklace
Native Cultures Red Coral Cluster Earrings
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