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Garnet Jewelry & Accessories

Garnets are their own type of mineral gemstone like Beryls or Diamonds. They come in many colors, with red being the most common. The green garnet, or Tsavorite, is the rarest garnet.

Did you know that Garnets are:

  • The 2nd Wedding Anniversary gemstone
  • January's birthstone
  • January's classical birthstone
  • The gemstone for the Zodiac sign Aquarius

Garnet Bow Shaped Earrings
Harmony Sterling Silver Garnet Earrings

Connecticut State flag
Almandine Garnet is the official state gemstone for Connecticut.

Vermont State flag
Grossular Garnet is the official state gemstone of Vermont.

New York State flag
Garnets are the official state gemstone of New York State.

Bold Sterling Silver Twisted Green Garnet Ring

Idaho State flag
Star garnet is the official state gemstone for Idaho. Asterism is a special visual effect that is rare in gemstones.

Relios by CP Rhodolite Garnet X Ring
Moments Sterling Silver Rhodolite Garnet Pendant Frame
Possibilities Sterling Silver Rhodolite Garnet Ring Set
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6.5 Inch 9 1/2 Carat Garnet Tennis Bracelet In 14K Yellow Gold

6.5 Inch 9 1/2 Carat Garnet Tennis Bracelet In 14K Yellow Gold

This classic gemstone bracelet features shimmering garnet gemstones. The 6 inch bracelet contains 39 gemstones at 8.58 carats. The 6.5 inch bracelet contains 43 gemstones at 9.46 carats. The 7 inch bracelet contains 46 gemstones at 10.12 carats. The 7.5 inch bracelet contains 49 gemstones at 10.78 carats. The 8 inch bracelet contains 53 gemstones at 11.66 carats. The 8.5 inch bracelet contains 56 gemstones at 12.32 carats. The 9 inch bracelet contains 59 gemstones at 12.98 carats. This bracelet is approximately 3.8mm wide and is crafted in 14 karat yellow gold. This bracelet has a secure, box with tongue and safety clasp.