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What is a Cocktail Ring?

A cocktail ring is any large and showy ring worn for special occasions usually on the right hand to differentiate them from regular engagement and wedding rings worn on the left. Cocktail rings were also called dinner rings or dress rings. They were usually worn on either the index finger, ring finger, or both. The rules for their number, position or design were generous. They usually were large gemstones or a combination of several gemstones in a large arrangement.

Although they originated during the Prohibition era of the 20's, they were most popular in the 40's and 50's, after the Prohibition ended and secret cocktail parties turned into lavish dinner parties. They regained popularity in the 80's and continue to be a popular article of jewelry. Early cocktail rings usually had a large diamond in the center with smaller gems or diamonds surrounding the large centerpiece. Newer cocktail and dinner rings feature other gemstones rather than just diamonds.

Here is a Pinterest board full of great vintage dinner rings:


Featured Cocktail Rings for Sale

Emerald, Garnet and Ruby Cocktail Ring

emerald garnet ruby ring

Rainbow Moonstone

moonstone cocktail ring


citrine cocktail ring

Green Amethyst

green amethyst cocktail ring

Sapphire and Diamond Double Ring

sapphire diamond double ring

Diamond Double Bar Ring

Diamond Double Bar Ring

Blue Sapphire and Diamonds

blue sapphire and diamond ring


chalcedony cocktail ring

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis cocktail ring


Jade Cocktail Ring